Fighting for students and public education in Michigan


As a disability advocate and a community activist and leader, I will advocate fiercely and zealously to improve public education for all students, teachers, staff, families, and concerned citizens of Michigan.

I will especially fight to ensure better support services for all children in Michigan, so that they will be equipped to be successful in school and to reach their potential. This priority is essential for aiding each student’s ability to become an independent, fulfilled, and contributing member of society. This priority is also essential for having a better educated workforce which will be able to compete for good jobs in our 21st century economy. This priority is, therefore, non-negotiable for a better Michigan.

My heart is with each child on his or her journey. Children have an innate desire to learn, to reach their potential, to become independent and fulfilled, and to become a productive member of society. No matter what challenges today’s students face, I will advocate as zealously and fiercely as possible to ensure high quality public education for a better Michigan.


Lily will Fight For:

Better support services for students

Better support services for teachers

Letting teachers teach

Less standardized testing

Greater public engagement and transparency

Safer schools without arming teachers

Keeping public funds in public schools

Against the privatization of Michigan's public schools

Early childhood education



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